A unique American beer in Sweden (Hint, its a Dogfish)

If you would have a competition for unique beers this would be my personal choice. Also a unique experiment between a Swedish pub and a American brewer working together with a unique ingredient in beer.

So what is it all about that I like to share with you?

It is the only remaining keg served in the world in the form of Dogfish Head Arctic Cloudberry Imperial Wheat from Dogfish Head Brewery, Delaware, USA made with cloudberries provided by Oliver Twist, Stockholm, Sweden.

The story about this beer is very interesting and unique in the same sense as the beer that Dogfish created. It started out with a other pub very close to the location of Oliver Twist in the form of Akkurat (a belgian beer mecha) when Jugge at OT brought some of Akkurats own Cantillon Soleil de Minuit (a other unique story) to the US and let some brewers taste it as a example of a cloudberry fruit beer.

The Dogfish brewery then simply decided they wanted to make something similar. And with the help of OT, 250 lbs of Swedish cloudberries were brought over to the awaiting brewer.

This was back in 2005 when the limited release beer was brewed at the Rehoboth Beach brewpub and later served at some festivals during the spring and summer of 2005 in the US. As a thank you back to Sweden the last ever keg was kept and then a very proud pub owner could serve the beer later during the traditional "Sour & Bitter"-festival held in Stockholm. When the beer was served at OT this was really a unique and limited beer when the last drops were served.

The slogan on the pictures says in english; "250 lbs of cloudberries from Sweden!, Dogfish made the rest, 8.5% ABV".

So the list of unique beers made by foreign brewers and connected to Sweden is slowly increasing, the short list I can remember so far includes;

1. This beer

2. Cantillon Soleil de Minuit

(A cantillon with Swedish cloudberries)

3. Harviestoun Black to Front

(Brewed for Akkurat and Oliver Twist, Stockholm, Sweden and occasionally for beer festivals)

4. Harviestoun Over & Out S.P.A.

(A Swedish Pale Ale!, especially brewed to celebrate 1500 beers at Akkurat and Oliver Twist. And the last beer from the brewmaster.)

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