Beers from Nils Oscar at Stockholm Beer 2007

The Nils Oscar brewery will have some exciting new and updated stuff at the Stockholm Beer this year. Always fun because Nils Oscar is not directly famous for producing many new products, they are more into producing a fixed number of beers produced in the best possible way.

They often get criticized among the beer geek community in Sweden that they are seen as a bit boring, simply because they stick to their normal beers. For my personal opinion it is simply two different strategies, produce a lot of new beers with the result of both amazing beers but also a lot of failures, or you try to concentrate on doing the best possible beers and stick to that. And I think both strategies works and should be accepted by the beer communities.

Anyway the following list of beers will be provided by Nils Oscar;

1. Nils Oscar Farm Ale 30L**Updated, with more hops!**
2. Nils Oscar Julöl 2007 30L **(Christmas beer), A new recipe**
3. Nils Oscar Rökporter 30L**(Smoked porter), A new beer!**
4. Nils Oscar Trippel 30L**A new beer!**
5. Nils Oscar Kalasjulöl 30L**(Christmas beer), Updated, with more dark beer malt**

The trippel is a very strange beer, had the opportunity to test it at Akkurat a few weeks ago and it was an amazing beer, but very difficult to define.

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