Only 11 days left..

Just to remind you and have the possibility to attend. It is 11 days left before this years Stockholm Beer kicks off.

It is held for the 16th time at Nacka Strand south of Stockholm and is seen as one of the best beer festivals in the world. Here is a link to buy tickets for the festival (ticnet).

This year we can expect around 1.300 different beers, whiskey and calvados to be available. Yes whiskey and calvados because the full name of the festival is "Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival". And this time they have also increased the festival with a additional "taste house" of 2500 m2.

Regarding beers here is the full list of all that will attend; url.

To be a small country as Sweden it is a bit impressive that the festival is the largest beer festival in Europe (can be discussed, but according to Stockholm Beer it is the largest, I guess it depends what you mean with largest, I would guess that they are talking about the number of different beers, but I am not sure) and the largest whiskey festival in the world.

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