Nice collection of Google beer maps in GB

Today I discovered a new site that it not blogging, no they are simply "beer scooping". With scooping in their meaning means;

"Basically, it is the drinking - and more importantly the writing down - of all "new" beers drunk; all beers thus "scooped" are put onto a master list (either paper based or, more commonly in these technological days, onto a PDA or suchlike) which can be well over 10,000 different beers in total, and the scooper carries this around with him to ascertain if any beers he encounters on his travels are "required" by him"

Here is the url to this very informative site based in England; LINK

In here I also found some great new Google beer maps to use if you ever get over to GB and wants to drink some good brews. Here is a short sample;

(Bath Cardiff Chester Edinburgh Glasgow Manchester and Salford Preston Sheffield St Albans)

With the definition of beer scooping, I would say that I also is scooping, but maybe in a slightly different way (very geek I know), because I simply take a photo on my cell at each beer I drink and then writes down the name!. It is a bit strange but it seems to be the only way I can hold track on the beers and the phone is always something I bring with me. You often get some strange looks when the first thing you ever do before you drink your beer is to bring up the camera and take a quick photo at the beer (and often the suroundings). And sometimes you have to do it several times due the bad result. So quite often I get the comment from my girl friend; "are you ready soon??", yes soon just one more I often reply.

So here is some of the strange collections so far;

1. My Beer I
2. My Beer II
3. US Micro Beer Sample Selection
4. Beer List US-tour 2006

Sorry for not having all of the names yet, I am working on that, so now it is mostly hundreds of pint glasses with some kind of beer in it, very interesting, :).


bark said...

Nice links to the maps. You haven't by any chance any link to one for central London or Camden?

Mattias said...

Yes beermapping.com recently added London as one of the tracked cities. See my latest post.