The Franken Beer Festival at Akkurat

The last years big success is continuing this year at Akkurat. During the Stockholm Beer festival weeks, Akkurat will continue the new "tradtion" to have different micro festivals at the pub.

This year they have found a couple of new breweries from Franken (in germany if you have missed that). More information will follow, but right now the breweries that will be at the festival are the following;

Beck Brau: (Trabbelsdorf ), Fässla (Bamberg), Spezial Bräu (Bamberg),
Heller Bräu "Schlenkerla" (Bamberg),
Keesman (Bamberg), Kaiserdom (Bamberg), Greifenklau (Bamberg), Hommel
Wagner (Merkendorf), Krüg (Breitenlesau), Grasser (Huppendorf),
Foerst - Goldener Löwe (Drügendor), Hartman (Würgau)
Günther- Bräu (Burkunstadt) ”You touch my tralala….”

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