Real Ale Nils Oscar Imperial Stout at Akkurat!

This entry is mainly for maeib over at maeib's Beerblog. Today at Akkurat we had Nils Oscar Imperial Stout as a casked Real Ale version. (Färsk = Fresh)

And what can I say, well simply it was amazing!!, like the bottled version and the normal draught one but so much smother and tasty, simply world class.

Hope you enjoy your bottle of Nils Oscar when you finally open it. And I can also inform you all that in November Nils Oscar will release a; "Smoked Porter"!! (Nils Oscar Rökporter 2007), which seems very interesting, thanks Palle for producing such great brews.


maeib said...

Cask conditioned Nils Oscar Impy Stout! Two words: Yum, Yum.

And as for the smoked porter, that's sounds very tempting.

Here's hoping that makes its way to GBBF next year.

Thanks for the shout out by the way!

Mattias said...

You are welcome maeib, you often write interesting stuff that you can reflect on.