And the winner is...

Knut Albert over at his beer blog recently reported that Time Out has ranked the best bar in London to the very tiny but great pub of "The Rake".

Fun to see that many people has found this great pub behind the borough market in London. It has been on my London pubs short list since last year when we visited for the very first time. Visited it again during the GBBF this year and it was still a great little pub. How about the secret?, well I think it mostly because it is so different compared to the normal english pubs and the amount of different beers that are sold on this tiny bar, also different compared to the pubs.

For me it is like shrinking Akkurat in Stockholm into to a tiny space but keeping at least a big number of beers all over the globe (The pub seats 44 people and the bar is only 13x7 feet!)

So right now my personal top list in the English capital is;

1. The Wenlock Arms

2. The Rake

3. The Royal Oak

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Mattias said...

The Rake has been recognized again in a English newspaper. Here is a url through the help of maeib.