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very new for us in Sweden, at least from the state!. The pub Akkurat in Stockholm reports that today (070914) they will have a test run on some American meads plus a few other countries. As I know this is the very first time we can test American mead in Stockholm and also probably in Europe.

So what can we get? here is the full list of available starting tonight;

Heidrum (USA):
1. Orange Blossom
2. Sage Blossom
3. Alfalfa Blossom

Mountain Meadows (USA)
1. Honeymoon Nectar
2. Cranberry Mead

APIS (Polen)
1. Korzenny
2. Piastowski
3. Jadwiga

Lurgashall Winery (England)
1. English Mead

I will probably come back with a short report how this little experiment worked out over at Akkurat.

UPDATED 2007-09-15 00:22
Just came back from Akkurat after my first mead experience. To summarize it; very interesting but I am not convinced. For me and I have to excuse anyone that enjoys mead, it is good as a replacement for a dessert wine or similar, but that’s it. The tested meads during the evening were the following;

1. Mountain Meadows, Honeymoon Nectar (like a traditional dessert wine, this is my number 2)
2. Heidrum, Alfalfa Blossom (like a Champaign, sparkling, but not a winner)
3. Apis, Korzenny (more traditional and sweet)
4. Apis, Piastowski (even sweeter)
5. Apis, Jadwiga (king of the hill, like drinking liquid honey, but for me this was the winner, 16% and so sweet that you hardly could drink it at all)

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