QUICK TAKE: Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner

Sampled at Stockholm Beer 2007 last night.

A new beer for me from Samuel Adams that will also be sold at Systembolaget starting from December. I read about the beer due to soon being sold in Sweden and something that I was planning to buy in December, but now it was available at the festival.

This is a so called Imperial Pilsner in the tradition of American brewers playing with old beer style and not follow any rules regarding creating balanced beers. So "Imperial" simply means, when we talk about American beers; more of everything, often double or tripple of everything.

The beer has a very golden color and a white steady head. When it comes to aroma it is very similar to a strong IPA, meaning extra malt and massive amounts of hops. The flavor is hoppy and bitter and actually very balanced with the malt sweetness.

It has a great after-taste and it made its place together with the rest of IPAs that was sampled during the evening.

It is a lager beer but in the same moment due to the similarities to a American IPA the beer is a bit difficult to classify. At least it was interesting to taste my first Imperial Pilsner and it is always fun to see new kind of experiments, especially when it actually was at least a bit balanced if you recon that the beer has 110 in the IBU scale.

So based on my very limited experience in American Imperial Lagers, this is my favorite and something that I can recommend.

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