New beers from Samuel Adams

Both in November and December a couple of new beers will be sold through Systembolaget from the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston. The beers will be provided by the reseller of Galatea. One of the beers has been available before but in very limited editions, the other two is at least new for me.

1. Samuel Adams Utopias 2007

For the bargain price of 1217 SEK, :). This beer is not brewed so often and it is seen as the most expensive and exclusive beer in the world. I have tasted the beer once at the Stockholm Beer a couple of years ago, and I would not say that it is worth its price, but it is a exiting brew, but nothing that is a favorite or on any of my top lists, frankly a bit to much. But my geek genes say that I will probably try to get a bottle anyway just because it is rare.

2. Samuel Adams Imperial Pilsner

A new american experience for me in the tradition of doing double and imperial beers of traditional European styled beers. So here we have a Imperial Pilsner, meaning double of everything compared to a normal pilsner. Loaded with tons of Hallertau Mittelfrüh-hops that raises it to amazing 110 IBUs. Comes with the moderate price of 34 SEK.

3. Samuel Adams Holiday Porter

A american porter dedicated to the christmas tables and hopefully will be found by the Swedish christmast beer community (a big thing in Sweden to buy the Christmas beers when they are all realesed on Nov 16). 16 SEK for a 355 ml bottle.

All 3 will be available at Systembolaget, but to remember the Utopia is limited to only 36 bottles (of total 12000 produced).

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bark said...

Sounds great, I have been curious for a "double pilsner" for quite a while.