MABT 10 Bars & Beers VII

Harrisburg to Williamsport in gods country.


“Ottos Pub & Brewery, State Collage”

110. Arthurs IPA (cask)


“Otto & Arthurs, the cats”

111. Slab Cabin (d)

112. Red Mo Ale (d)

113. Double D IPA (d)

114. Pilsener Lager (d)

115. Black Mo Stout (d)

116. Apricot Wheat (d)

117. Double D IPA (d) (my own full glass)

“Elk Creek Cafe + Ale Works”

118. Great Blue Heron Pale Ale (d)

119. Winkelblint ale (d)

120. Great Blue Heron Pale Ale (d) (sample)

121. Elk Creek Copper Ale (d)

122. Brookie Brown Ale (d)

123. Poe Paddy Porter (d)

124. Double Rainbow IPA (d)

125. Hairy Johns IPA (d)

126. Pems Valley Pilsner (d)

“Selins Grove”

127. Selingrove IPA (d)

“Bullfrog Brewing Company, Williamsport”

128. Apricot Wheat (d)

129. Farmhouse Pale Ale (d)

130. Edgar IPA (d)


MABT 10 Bars & Beers VI

PA Round Trip


“Lancaster Brewing Company”

89. Cream Ale (d)

90. Strawberry Wheat (d)

91. Gold Star Pilsner (d)

92. Milk Stout (d)

93. Hophog IPA (d)

94. Fest Beer Amber Lager (d)

95. Hefeweizen (d)

96. Celtic Rose (d)

97. Litening Lager (d)

98. Amish Four Grain (d)

99. Chocolate Covered Wheat (d)

100. Kölsh (can)

“Victory Brewing Company”

101. HopDevil (cask)

102. Storm King (cask)

“Slyfox Brewing Company”

103. Amarillo Pale Ale (d)

104. Route 113 IPA (d)

105. Phoenix Pale Ale (d)

“Stoudts, Black Angus & Restaurant & Pub”

106. American Pale Ale (d)

107. Scarlet Lady (d)


108. Great Divide 16th Anniversary IPA (d)

109. Summit Oatmeal Stout (d)

MABT 10 Bars & Beers V

Rehoboth beach, Delaware.

2010-07-26 (My Birth day)

“Dogfish Brewery & Eatery”

64. Dogfish Indian Brown (d)

65. Dogfish 60 Minutes IPA (d)

66. Theobrama (d)

“Rehoboth Beach Ale House”

67. Evolution Brewing ESB (d)

68. McSorleys Irish Pale Ale (b)

2010-07-27, Rehoboth Beach to DC

“Dogfish Brewery, Milton”

69. Saison Buff (d)

70. Dogfish 60 Minutes IPA (d)

71. My Antonia (d)

72. Palo Santo Maron (d)

“Rams Head, Stevensville MD”

73. Light lager (d)

74. Taverrn Ale (d)

75. Copperhead Ale (d)

“Churchkey, Washington DC”

76. Stone Pale Ale (d)

77. Green Flash Imperial India Pale Ale (d)

78. Bells Two Hearted Ale (d)

2010-07-28, DC to Harrisburg

“Appalachian Brewing Company, Harrisburg”

79. Purist Pale Ale (d)

“Tröegs Brewing Company, Harrisburg”

80. Tröegs Pale Ale (d)

81. Hopback Amber (d)

82. Troeganator double bock (d)

83. Javahead Stout (d)

84. Draftingroom Imperial Amber (d)

85. Flying Moflan Barley Wine (d)

“O’Reilly, Harrisburg”

86. Tröegs lager (d)

87. Lost Abbey Judgment Day (d)

88. Great Divide 16th Anv. IPA (d)


MABT 10 Bars & Beers IV

From Philadelphia to Atlantic City and over to Delaware and Rehoboth Beach.


“Iron Hill Brewery”, MS

50. Iron Hill Light lager (d)

51. Vienna Red lager (d)

52. Ironbound Ale (d)

53. Pig Iron Porter (d)

54. Seasonal Belgian Ale (d)

55. Raspberry Wheat (d)

56. Dk Situation Imperial Stout (d)

57. West Coast Wheat (d)

58. Christmas In July (NITRO)

59. English Strong ale (d)

“Tun Tavern”, Atlantic City

60. Devil Dog Pale (APA) (d)

61. All American IPA (d)

“Dogfish Brewings & Eats”, Rehoboth

62. Shelter Pale Ale (d)

63. 60 Minutes IPA (d)

MABT 10 Bars & Beers III

Leaving NY and going south to Philadelphia.


“Triumph Brewing Company”, New Hope

29. Amber Ale (d)

30. Bengal Gold India Pale Ale (d)

“City Tavern”, Phillie

31. General Washington's Tavern Porter (d) (Yards Brew)

32. Thomas Jefferson's 1774 Tavern Ale (d) (YB)

33. Poor Richards Tavern Spruce (d) (YB)

34. Alexander Hamilton Federalist Ale (d) (YB)

“Grace Tavern” (best in Phillie!!)

35. Boulder Mojo IPA (d)

36. Dogfish 60 Minute IPA (d)

37. Philadelphia Brew Co, Newbold IPA (d)

38. The Duck Rabbit Milk Stout (b)

39. Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter (b)

2010-07-24: (An other hot day)

Yards Brewery”

40. Yards Brawler Pugilist Style Ale (d)

41. ESA (Extra Special Ale) (d)

42. Phillie Pale Ale (d)

43. IPA (d)

“Standard Tap”, close from Yards Brewery

44. “Standard” Porter (cask) (Brewed by Slyfox, recipe by the standards owner)

“South Philadelphia Tap Room”

45. Twin Lakes WIT (d)

46. Tröegs Dreamweaver (d)

47. Slyfox Stout (d)

“Triumph Brewing Company” In Phillie

48. Helles Lager (d)

49. Saison (d)

MABT 10 Bars & Beers II

Around Brooklyn best craft beer bars.


“Midtown Bar & Grill”

17. Dogfish 60 Minutes IPA

“The Brazen Head”

18. Longtrail IPA (d)

“Waterfront Ale House”

19. Greenport Harber IPA (d)

“Brooklyn Ale House”

20. Stone IPA (d)

21. Brooklyn Pale Ale (cask)

“The Barcade”

22. Fisherman's Amber lager (d)

23. Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter (cask)

24. Founders Porter (d)

25. Erie Derailed Black Cherry Ale (d)

26. Cigar City Maduro Oatmeal Stout (d)

27. North Coast Rasputin (NITRO)

28. McNeils Warlord (d)

MABT 10 Bars & Beers I


“Stags Head”, E 51th street

1. Stoudts Pale Ale (d)

2. Green Flash West Coast IPA (d)


3. Captain Lawrence Pale Ale (d)

4. Ithaca Flower Power IPA (d)

5. Captain Lawrence Imperial Reserve IPA (d)

6. Oskar Blues Mamas Little Yella Pils (d)


“The Blind Tiger”

7. SlyFox IPA (d)

8. Lagunitas Undercover Shut Down Ale (cask)

9. Victory Hop Wallup IPA (cask)

10. Dogfish World Wide Stout (D + Randal with hops)

“Hop Devil”

11. Lakefront IPA (d)

12. Stevens Point Pale Ale (d)

“East Village Tavern”

13. Peak Organic (d) (from MA)

“Against The Grain”

14. 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat (d)

15. Two Brothers Brewery, The Bitter End Pale Ale (b)

“Stags Head”

16. Cisco Brews Whales Tale Pale Ale (b)

MABT (Mid Atlantic Beer Tour) 10

Yes we are on beer trip in the USA again and this time it was time to explore the area of Mid Atlantic (including the NY,NJ,PA,DE & MY states).

We have now been travelling from New York (started right on Manhattan on the 50th street with our black JEEP Compass) through Phillie and have now just arrived to Rehoboth Beach to visit Dogfish for a couple of days.

I will try to write something more extended, but will have a short start with the sampled beers and places so far in the next report.



SBWF Live Report II:nd week: The Beers…

  1. Nogne IPA (d)
  2. Lake Placid Ubu Ale, NY (b)
  3. Sigtuna Black October (d)
  4. Bruton Lilith (b)
  5. Rogue Brutal Bitter (d)
  6. Teerenpeli Hippaheikki Bitter (d)
  7. Lakefront IPA, WI (b) (NEW from Galatea)
  8. Flyging Dog Gonzo Special Hops Imperial Stout (handpump\cask)
  9. Rogue Brutal Bitter (d)
  10. Kaggen Stormakts Porter 2006 (b)
  11. Kaggen Stormakts Porter 2007 (d)
  12. Dugges 1/2 Idjit (d) (Todays winner)


SBWF Live Report: The Beers…

1. Gotland Bryggeri Sitting Bull Dog IPA

2. Butte Creek Brewing Organic IPA

3. Butte Creek Brewing Organic Pale Ale

4. Nils Oscar God Ale (NEW)

5. Brouwerij De Molen Bloed Zweet & Trancen

6. Sigtuna Brygghus IPA

7. Sigtuna Brygghus Red Ale (a hops bomb) (My No. 1)

8. Rogue Shakespear Stout

9. Butte Creek Organic Porter.

10. Lost Abbey Serpent Stout

11. Butte Creek Organic Pale Ale

12. BrewDog Bashah (cask conditioned) (Amazing beer done together with Stone)

13. Lagunitas A Little Sumpin' Extra! Ale

SBWF Live Report 2009

Hi, seems I have been located in a very warm place (under the spotlights) at Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival and the OT VIP corner.

Tricky to report any big details, anyway the top things right now include;

1. The Brewdog booth where they served the beer brewed together with Stone. Yes, it was great. Also fun to see one of the brewers visiting the festival. Always fun when SBWF gets the proper attention it deserves.

2. The new initiative from Gotlands Bryggeriet (owned by Spendrups) where they are playing around with IPAs and Pale Ales. Also fun to see that they have understood the importance of dogs together with breweries, i.e. beer labels including names like Wisby Sleepy Bulldog Pale Ale.

3. The Kaggen 2005-2008 collection of taps at Bishop Arms.

4. The Butte Creek organic brewery booth. Really fun to see that a American brewery have come all the way to Sweden to show their beers.

5. The beer provided by OT, as always amazing.

6. A new brewer and new beers from Sigtuna Brewhouse. The new Red Ale with late added hops were simply amazing and a good restart for this brewery. Until now the beers have been traditional and well balanced, but in my taste very boring, but now it seems we can see more imitative that is at least once or twice are outside the borders. Good luck, now we hopefully we can look forward for a couple of great IPA or DIPAs.


MY_BEER_DIARY #6: 2009-09-10@Oliver Twist

  1. Rudgate Jorvik Blonde (c)
  2. Rudgate Battle Axe (c)
  3. Port Brewing WipeOut I.P.A (b)

Did not the chance to sample any of the Ruby Mild (this years best beer award at Great British Beer Festival) but OT had instead 2 other beers from the Rudgate brewery. This was quite a busy day at OT when visited last Thursday. Seems a lot of people have come down to enjoy one of the last summer evenings, you sort of forget that September can be quite nice in Stockholm. Hope it can last at least a couple of more days.


( c = cask\handpump, d = draught, b = bottle, cn = can)

Some exiting beers and breweries coming to Systembolaget

15 September:
Southern Tier Hoppe 8,0% 65 cl
Southern Tier UnEarthly 11,0% 65 cl

2 November:
Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood 6,5% 50 cl
Haandbryggeriet Ardenne Blond 7,5% 50 cl
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel 10,9% 50 cl

16 November:
Nøgne Ø Underlig Jul 6,5% 50 cl
Ayinger Winter-Bock 6,7% 50 cl
Mikkeller Fra____ Till____
Three Floyd & Mikkeller Oatgoop 10,4% 65 cl
Haandbryggeriet Haandbakk 7,0% 50 cl
Haandbryggeriet Dark Force 9,0% 50 cl
Lost Abbey Judgment Day 10,5% 75 cl
Lost Abbey Inferno 8,5% 75 cl
Port Brewing Old Viscosity 10,0% 65 cl