SBWF Live Report 2009

Hi, seems I have been located in a very warm place (under the spotlights) at Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival and the OT VIP corner.

Tricky to report any big details, anyway the top things right now include;

1. The Brewdog booth where they served the beer brewed together with Stone. Yes, it was great. Also fun to see one of the brewers visiting the festival. Always fun when SBWF gets the proper attention it deserves.

2. The new initiative from Gotlands Bryggeriet (owned by Spendrups) where they are playing around with IPAs and Pale Ales. Also fun to see that they have understood the importance of dogs together with breweries, i.e. beer labels including names like Wisby Sleepy Bulldog Pale Ale.

3. The Kaggen 2005-2008 collection of taps at Bishop Arms.

4. The Butte Creek organic brewery booth. Really fun to see that a American brewery have come all the way to Sweden to show their beers.

5. The beer provided by OT, as always amazing.

6. A new brewer and new beers from Sigtuna Brewhouse. The new Red Ale with late added hops were simply amazing and a good restart for this brewery. Until now the beers have been traditional and well balanced, but in my taste very boring, but now it seems we can see more imitative that is at least once or twice are outside the borders. Good luck, now we hopefully we can look forward for a couple of great IPA or DIPAs.

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