MY_BEER_DIARY #4: 2009-08-29@OT

  1. Triple FFF Rat & Warthog (c)
  2. Smuttynose IPA (d)
  3. Great Divide Fresh Hops Pale Ale (b)



  1. Skebo Bruksöl (c)


ukiro said...

No love for smuttynose? Peculiar...

ukiro said...

...just realized the letters might denominate serving method (bottle, draught) rather than grading. So nevermind =)

Mattias said...


c = cask\handpump
d = draught
b = bottle
cn = can

Mattias said...

And the Smuttynose IPA on draught at OT was great as always. A true 5 or similar, but I very seldom grade anything.