Stockholm Beer Scene

Nothing is happening much with this beer blog, mostly because I do no have time to write anything interesting, instead I have to focus on drinking all the good beers that is available. But I thought at least that I could share some of the good places where you can actually drink world class beer in the capital of Sweden.

So here comes 3 of the great places that I normally go to (we have a couple of more that I will come back to, hopefully,:) ) in the Stockholm area.

Lets start with the world class belgo bar;


Some information about the pub:
Address: Hornsgatan 18
Phone: 08-644 00 15
Draft beers: 28 Bottled beers: 680
Link: Akkurat

Second one is the great pub called Oliver Twist and is probably my personal favorite at the moment. Mostly due to the great selection of american micros, which is what I drink nowdays.

Oliver Twist

Some information about the pub:
Address: Repslagargatan 6
Phone: 08-640 05 66
Draft beers: 23 Bottled beers: 150

And thirdly we have a great pub if you want to drink Swedish micros. Glenfiddich Warehouse No. 68 has them all and is served in a very nice place located in the old town of Stockholm.

Glenfiddich Warehouse No:68

Some information about the pub:
Address: Västerlånggatan 68
Phone: 08-791 90 90
Draft beers: 23 Bottled beers: 15

Used to be Ardbeg Room, but changed the name in 2005.

Here is an other one, that is also very important when we talk about Swedish micro beers. Meaning MacKinlays Inn, which is a sister pub to Glenfiddich Warehouse above and serves most of the available Swedish micros;

Some information about the pub:
Address: Fleminggatan 85
Phone: 08-650 83 20
Draft beers: 22 Bottled beers: 10

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