Great American "Strong" Beers at Oliver Twist

At the Oliver Twist pub in Stockholm you can always create your own little US-micro heaven, and dream of the wonderful beer experience you have had in the USA. I feel really lucky that I can find all these great brews only 30 minutes from home, instead of travelling all over the world to get them.

I have almost found all my US favorites at Oliver Twist, and they are really quick in getting what is seen as the best and latest great beers and breweries. So this time it felt that it was time for some strong and warming beers (at least what we found in the refrigerator this particual evening).

So this is not beers for the lager boys, and I guess that they should be seen as to extreme for most people, but what the heck, you have vacation only once each year, so why should you not have the best?

So what about the beer menu, well here it is;

1. HE´BREW Origin Pomegranate Ale (A American Strong Ale)
2. Weyerbacher Blasphemy (A Quadrupel)
3. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (American Double IPA)
4. Dogfish Head Raison D'etre (A Belgian Strong Dark Ale)
5. Avery Mephistopheles Stout (A American Double Stout)

Thats not a bad beer menu up here in the nordics and very far from the original places they are brewed and served. Do not think that you can find it anywhere else in the rest of Europe, at least not according to me (if someone as any news about a better US-micro pub in Europe, please help me out)

So what about a winner, it probably depands who you ask but my personal favorite right now is the one from Weyerbacher Brewing Company.
A very strong beer (11.8) that is styled as a quadrupel. What it means is a beer aged in bourbon barrels, with "gentle" vanilla oaky notes and based on the normal QUAD beer that they also produce.
According to the brewer, this beer (QUAD) is the first quadrupel style beer to be commercially brewed and bottled in the United States. .
It is the strongest beer they make, so it is important to understand that when you enjoy it, so you need an hour or so to finish it, and a good suggestion is to share it with your closest beer friends.
Anyway it is everything I want in a beer at the moment, malty with a sweet smelling, dark fruit aromas (taste like raisin or plums) and finally is has a spicy kick to it plus noticeable amount of alcohol. And if you then in the "Blasphemy" beer ad the vanilla flavour from the oak barrels, you have it all.

Finally a big thanks to the Alstr├Âm Bros at Beeradvocate that learned me to appreciate the oak barrel extremes when we visited the extreme beer fest in Boston. If you have not attended, you should try it out.

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