VIP visit at Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist and Jugge who is also doing some distributions of US-beers to the Swedish "Systembolaget" and also other pubs around Scandinavia, got some important visitors last Saturday.

It was no other than "Douglas Moody" who is the North Coast's Breweries Senior Vice President. The most important beer distributed by Oliver Twist is the great Red Seal Ale and it seems that Doug got to drink his own beer at Oliver Twist. The Red Seal is currently a standard beer at the Systembolaget, so it has been a big success for both Oliver Twist, for actually getting a beer at Systembolaget, and North Coast for getting a big sales beer in Sweden. It has actually been so lucky to win won a gold medal for its Red Seal Ale at the Annual Stockholm Beer Festival (strong ale category).

On the picture you see Doug on the left side of the bar, and Jugge, who is one of the owners of Oliver Twist on the right side. What the visit was about, is a secret for me, but it was probably some new great plans regarding North Coast brews in Scandinavia, or simply a summer visit for Doug.

At least they had a nice day at Oliver Twist, and the weather was really great, compared to how the last couple of days has been in July (i.e. Rain, Rain and some more Rain).

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