The old world meets the "New World"

Came back from a short pub night at Akkurat this evening during our holiday. It is always exciting to see what they have on the tap and today I discovered something new and exiting, at least for me.

It is always fun when you see new brewers from the old world, that is not scared in mixing and being influenced by new things, and not being to locked into its own brewing history (like the belgians, :) ). So today we had a very typical american pale alse, that is from the ground inspired by tasty english pale ales. But the difference today, is that the beer was not from the US, instead it was from a young brewery (at least for england) with the name of Dark Star. And it is always fun so see these influences, because the A.P.A is very typical for american breweries, all of them has something called a pale ale (like dpa for denver pale ale or pda for pelican pale ale), but the difference here was that it was probably better than most of the the american varities, at least better than 85% of everything I have tested in the US.

So here we have a new english brewery from Brighton England being influenced from the US which instead is influenced by classic pale ale from england like "Fuller's London Pride" or "Young's Special". And the mixture of these influences has in such a way created something new and refreshing.

It is not always bad to be a copy, because a copy of the copy can then create something even more amazing and lives up the originals is such a good way.

So how about the beer?, well everyone that tasted this evening thought it was great and in simple words, "You can not believe this is a beer from england, and is it really a real ale from brighton?".

The beer is exclusively with Chinook hops, with a great "hop"-taste. A floral hoppy aroma and with a sweet malty backbone. It is so fruity and contains such nice hoppy aromas that I had to have two of them.

Regarding good originals?, I would of recommend the above choice from Fullers and Youngs. And from the US, it would be; Alpha King Pale Ale & the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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