My own Lambic basket

At the last visit to the Akkurat I finally got my own Lambic basket. A bit geeky but I have been looking for my own basket to serve my lambics at home for years. It has not been a easy task, because that can not simply buy them at a beer store, not even in belgium. So for me it has been a bit of a mystery, where you get those baskets, if you are not having your own pub.

So with the simple question to Rille at Akkurat last Friday, "Where do you get these basket?", I got the answer back; "We buy them in belgium"!. But then I got the question back if I needed one, so what the heck, yes sure I do.

So Rille, who is a very friendly bartender borrowed me one for my personal usage, thanks, and Rille I promise to give it back in January 2015, :).

Geeky, but I am very happy, and I will have very great moments with my lambics and basket.

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Jeff said...

These lambic baskets are being sold under the term 'Willow Wine Basket' in America. I picket up mine here;