Canadian beers in Sweden

We have been enjoying some Canadian beers the last couple of years and mostly in the form of the Unibroue brewery in Quebec (my personal favorite is the Raftman), but that's it.

Now I got informed by Jugge at Oliver Twist that they will skip the English real ales at this years Stockholm Beer and instead concentrate on the normal US-micro beers that we have enjoyed the last couple of years, but will instead also add at least 8 breweries from Canada. I do not which, but it will be interesting to see what they have found for us. If you look at the great US-micros that they have provided, this seems to look very promising. Last year we were enjoying both Stone IPA and Russian River Pliny The Elder on tap, so we are looking forward what OT will give us this year.

I have very limited knowledge in good Canadian breweries (except Unibroue), but hopefully I will have the chance this time to learn a bit more during the festival.

What do you think?, what are the favorite Canadian breweries, if any?

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