QUICK TAKE: Pure UBU from Purity Brewery

Cask at Oliver Twist this Saturday. This was a newcomer from me and was quite a refreshment when it seems that we have been drinking Dark Star beers all summer long when you talk about Real Ale in Stockholm (nothing wrong with Dark Star, but it is always good with something else).

So it is quite nice that a couple of other breweries are coming along, right now it seems to be the UBU from Purity and a couple from the Skinners brewery, but hopefully other breweries will come along when the summer is now ending.

A newcomer from me and it also seems to be a very young brewery in the UK. It is a 4.5% ABV and a distinctive premium amber coloured beer that was very refreshing.

The story seems to be that the brewery was started in 2004 and early had a vision to support the environment through natural ingrediants, support recycling and respect their community, which seems nice!

The beer UBU is pronounced OO-BOO that has something todo with secrets or something, really not sure. The malts come from Maris Otter, Crystal & Black Malts and added with Challenger and Cascade hops. Simply a full flavoured and very balanced beer which was quite nice. A lot of citrus and refreshing hops, very nice condition at Oliver Twist (as usual).

I really like this one and would it give 4/5. Look forward for more beers from this very exiting brewery (seems they have 2!) and it is of course always fun with new English breweries.

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