Stockholm Beer 2007: Beer tasting list day I

Apart from the 11 beers we tasted during the Left Hand and Canadian beer tastings, my list of beer so far during the Stockholm Beer looks like below; (as normal very focused on the American beers at Oliver Twist, cant help myself for drinking beer from the best beer country in the world, but hopefully it will have a other and wider focus next week, :)).

1. North Coast Red Seal, (that we normally start with)
2. Dogfish 60 Minutes IPA (cask)
3. Flying Dog Snaked Dog IPA
4. Sierra Neva Anniversary Ale (cask)
5. Left Hand Imperial Stout (cask)
6. Dieu du Ciel Brasserie Solstice d'Hiver (cask)
7. 21st Amendment 21A-IPA (can)
8. Dugges 1/2 Idjit (cask)
9. Avery 12
10. Odell India Pale Ale

Any winners?, well that is very difficult because they were almost all very potent beers. But a short list probably looks like below;

1. 60 Minutes IPA (this is the best IPA overall from Dogfish, 90 & 120 are great but this one is the most balanced and drinkable beer from the brewery)

2. Dugges 1/2 Idjit & Left Hand Imperial Stout (we are really looking for the whole Idjit next week!, and 3 samples of the imperial stout show that this is one of my favorite Imperial stout both on bottle and cask)

3. 21st Amendment 21A-IPA (for being such a good example of a IPA on a can!)

Plus a special credit for the 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat, not a great beer, but it gets extra points to actually tasting like watermelon, and that is really a achievement.

The full US-beer line of beers at the Oliver Twist booth.

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