The Session #7 (Brew Zoo)

My contribution is a Swedish IPA from the small brewery of Dugges Ale- & Porterbryggeri on the west coast of the country. The beer is called Holy Cow!, and I do not know so many more beers that has a cow on it, but you out there might know about any other?

Dugges produces different series of beer and this one is part of the so called "The express yourself series", which represents special beers with an attitude. Dugge himself (yes that is name of the brewer himself) says the following about his beer;

"A "India Pale Ale" with load of malt and hops. The quite high alcohol level is hidden behind a fruity and quite sweet caramel malty body. The sweetnes is balanced by 5 different hops (US-ones) that has created a large but in the same soft bitternes with a long taste."

For myself it is a American IPA with a amber colour and a firm beige head. Aroma is a bit peppar and caramel, with a very hoppy flavour. And at last a very long dry aftertaste. Alcohol is not felt, it just adds the extra flavor. Simply a great IPA that I drink at my favorite pubs in Stockholm like Oliver Twist and Glenfiddich Warehouse.

Just for fun and one more type of animal (well not type, simply a bit younger), the beer was also inspired to brew a test variant, that simply could have been a Holy Cow, but only became a calf. Called in Swedish; Dugges Provbrygd 1-2007 (Kalven)

Dugges is quite new as a brewery, and the beers have been available for a year or so. Very inspired by US-breweries, so you can expect a lot of IPAs and different types of hops like cascade, amarillo and chinook.

They also produces great types of stouts and ports (part of the brewery name) and is very keen on testing out different types of beer with the test brews sold to the pubs for sampling and is then decided to be produced or not by the people who drink them.

The have four different series;
The Gothenburg series - Old Swedish beer tradition combined with English stubbornness and American new thinking.

Express Yourself! - More of everything (where Holy Cow is located)

The country series - Different countries - Different Characters? (like Britannia & California)

Seasons - Christmas etc (here we have an additional animal in the form of Rudolph the reindeer!)

Thats it, my first test for the "Session", I am quite new with this, so bare we me, and see this as a little contribution from a beer geek in Sweden.

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I'm a sucker for packaging so these are the kinds of labels that would practically beg me to buy them. Nice job.

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