Wow, my first blog reaction...

I am quite new with this kind of beer blogging, and my blog is mostly for my own personal use, and I do not have any intention that anyone would actually bother reading it.

But now I have my first blog reaction over at the very nice blog of maeib's Beerblog. Thanks to maeib, it has been fun reading your reactions on GBBF, and the fact that you went there with the goal not to drink english beers.

For myself I actually tried to test as much of the english stuff that was possible, but it was very hard not to go over to the international beer and get lost with all of the great beers from the USA and the rest of the world.

At least I had a english winner, if you remove some of the beers from Sweden and the USA that was sort of not directly connected with the GBBF.

And the winner that I have mentioned before was the Crouch Vale Amarillo, mostly because of the clear taste and the balanced amount of hops, and I can certainly understand that Grouch Vale as a brewery is my personal favorite, together with Dark Star and Harvieston (before belhaven, destroyed everything).

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