QUICK TAKE: Crouch Vale Amarillo

I have enjoyed the beers from Crouch Vale since I first tested out the amazing Crouch Vale Brewers Gold at the great little pub in London called Pride of Spitalfields in the area of Shoreditch in 2006. The Brewers Gold is quite a famous beer, after being voted best beer at the GBBF for 2 straight years, if I remember correctly.

And this new season beer from Crouch is in my taste even better, mostly because of its clean taste and the high volume of hops. To be honest I am in my heart a hops junky so it is not so often that a english beer would touch me. But this one does, it is definately not a hop bomb, but it has the clearness and balance in such away that it in many ways outruns american competitors, but in the same time only 5%.

I guess it could only be Crouch Vale in England (together with Harvieston and Dark Star) who can do a hoppy aroma this good and balanced.

Simply a masterclass of what this style should be. The things I like is simply those wonderful hops in a perfect balande. I could drink this all day, and even decided to go for a whole pint as the last beer at the GBBF 2007.

Simply this is my winner at GBBF 2007!, together with the Cascade Pale Ale from Saltaire at the "Bar Nouveau"

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