If ever in SF...

If you ever have the possibility and time to get over to San Francisco and is looking for any good brews, here is then a great link if you like to use the public transports (metro = BART) at the same time; Beer By Bart

Simply it will show you one of the best places to drink good micros in the city and the bay area, and with using the BART-system to find your way. You can see that through going with the train you can in couple of minutes get to quite far out places, and do not need to drive get here.

For some personal favorites, here is a short list;
1. Jupiter
2. Toronado
3. Speakeasy Brewery (not directly with BART, but it is accessible through BART + MUNI)

And in the same time if you want any good reading before you get there, I can really recommend the following blog regarding news about beers around the bay area; "http://beernewsletter.zacharywalter.com/blog/"

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