Beer geeks at GBBF

I actually also found a nice lite group photo of the gang at the GBBF. Seems that the perry bar has caused us to be a bit dizzy.

Just checking if anyone is reading my little blog, except myself, :). I have a question.

WHAT WAS THE NUMBER ONE BEER AT THE GBBF? Please add you comments, my own winner is;

1. Crouch Vale Amarillo ****


maeib said...

Nils Oscar Imperial Stout of course. Nice blog. Glad you enjoyed GBBF so much (I too love perry!)

Mattias said...

Its great to see someone liking one of Swedens best beer so much, not only here at home.

I can just say that I normally drink this beer on draught at the Glenfiddich WareHouse No68 (a very good end for a beer crawl), just for a little tease.

So for me it is a house beer that they normally have as the beers that are always available here in Stockholm on draught.

So if you want it on draught, together with greats beers like Slottskällans Imperial and Nils Oscars Barley wine, you are more than welcome to Stockholm for a great pub crawl.