Kaggen conquers the world...

I have mentioned it before but the Kaggen Stormakts Porter was a huge hit at the last GBBF, and it seems that there are many that bought the stuff with them.

Here is a great example of a beer stash from the latest GBBF found through the blog of; maeib's Beerblog.

What I can see there will be a good party for him in the future and his friends, with 8! Kaggen (so now I know where all the bottles went, :), I only got one bottle before the fridge was suddenly empty again regarding kaggen), and also a couple of other great beers from Sweden in the form of Nils Oscars barley and imperial stout, and even a beer from Slottskällans (located at my old home town of Uppsala).

It is always fun to see someone sharing the same passion for good beers, like 3 fon, Nogne and Olfabrikken, etc, etc.

And it is quite fun to see that no english beer can be spotted on picture, at least what I can see, thats fun when the festival is mostly about english beers.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know if you could get some more närke kaggen Stormaktsporter for me? In exchange i will send you the same amount of beers you would get for me for some Black albert of this year.
Tell me as soon as possible.
Could you answer geoffroymarsily@hotmail.com
Thank you.
If the deal doesnt please you, could you tell me a lead to get some bottles of this beer and people who would accept to exchange some if their beer for struise black albert?
Thank you again.