QUICK TAKE: Dark Star Hophead Extra

First sampled at the last GBBF in London. But it did not say so much to me that time, not bad, Dark Star do not do bad beers, but simply it disappeared caused by the amount of the beers that was sampled.

Now it was sampled at the real ale bar at Oliver Twist in Stockholm, so it was of course served with the best possible environments, comparing to the GBBF where it seems that the beers do not get the time to settle as it should.

I like the normal Hophead and has been the number one real beer during this summer in Stockholm.

So how about the extra version? It comes with a very bright yellow color and with a thin white head. It has very citric hop taste, balanced (very balanced compared to people tasting it at the GBBF where people mentioned US-IPA to describe the taste), a very long palate, and surely a winner.

I like the hophead, but this was such much better, but not like if a US-brewer would call it extra (double the hop, or similar), just a bit more hoppy, but kept balanced at the same time.

Thanks to Dark Star for saving the great real ale experiences during the summer in Stockholm, now when Harvieston was taken over by belhaven and the brewer quit, surely missed.

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