QUICK TAKE: Blue Dot Imperial IPA

Yesterday it felt like opening up one of the big ones from my beer stash, it is always impossible to find the correct moment when you actually opens up the beers that you have worked a lot with to get home (somewhere in oregon this time, If I remember correctly), but you have to let them go, strange but it seems that I want to keep them for ever, instead of simply drinking them.

So it was time to open up the first ever genuin IPA (Blue Dot Imperial IPA) produced by the great brewery of Hair of the Dog, and one of my 5 best breweries in the US.

In short words you can say that this is a very complex beer (O.G. 1074, 100 IBUs) and it took the evening to finish it off. It comes with a very strong hoppy taste of grapefruit with a low malt taste present.

Gives you citrus tastes on the palate, that continues to maintain during the evening. A great hoppy taste, simply at great hop bomb. As usual with many of the bombs you have to like them hoppy, but it is not the most balanced beers you can drink, but what the heck I like them hoppy and you can have other beers if you want them clean and balanced, it is simply not the idea here.

I think it was one of the most interesting IPAs I have had for the last couple of months, and with the strong citrus and grapefruit taste it created its own little special kind of IPA, and in some strange way you could imagine that this was a Hair of the Dog and nothing else.

Not world class, but it is surely a great IPA and it would be interesting to test it on draught, if available?

Thanks to the brewery for giving me a great beer experience at home. For points I would give it a 4/5.

How about my champion IPA, well that is still the amazing; Russian River Pliny the Elder.

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