Also regarding great brews...

I also got the possibility to get hold of my own example of the greatest beer from Sweden, namely the "Närke Kaggen! Stormaktsporter 2006" when we attended the GBBF festival in London (more about the festival in later entries, hopefully, :)).

For the bargain of £6 you could buy your own example for drink or go. That is pretty amazing if you compare that you can get to drink the beer at Akkurat in Stockholm for the small amount of 280 SEK (£20)!.

So now I have my own example that I think I will store for a while. Why I did not get more of them, was simply that the 80 delivered bottles, very strangely disappeared from the fridges every day they where released (very strange, :)). I guess more Swedes got the news and they where sold from the fridges as soon as they were discovered.

If you have not tasted the beer it is a baltic porter (I could also say Imperial Stout) stored on oak barrels for 2.5 month together with heather honey. So in some short words it taste like; Vanilla, barral, cigar (smokey), coffee and sweet. It was for a short while voted the number one beer at RateBeer and is currently on the number 2 spot. And om my own list it is also on the number 2 spot, just after Pliny.

Simply a great beer inspired by US-variants like; Stone Imperial Russian Stout and Victory Storm King Stout, at least according to my taste.

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