Beeraction: A visit to the GBBF, Day II

Based on what we had learned the day before we started out in a very slow phase and went through the catalog for some great english beers.

Tasted beers through out the country and managed not to get to the other bars (Cider or international) for at least a few hours. During that time I got some new greate favorites;

1. Crouch Vales Amarillo (The English winner according to me)
2. Ringwood Old Thumper
3. Tryst Carronade IPA
4. Hanby Rainbow Chaser

Very good to be able to taste a lot beers from different areas in GB. But I at least (some of the other continued with the british isles the rest of the evening) could not hold myself and went back to sample some of the last american brews I could find, and it was great to step up again with a Stone Ruination, seems I was home again.

During the 2 days we also met some wonderful people with the interest of beers, like the deaf guy from the US that was serving beer at the international bar and got help from his friend during our conversations, thanks for that and all of the great brews that I got to taste. Or how about the american gentlemen that had a summer house in england but lived his normal life outside Newport, Oregan and was a regular at the Rogue pub at the bayside (lucky for him), great man and it seems that we might find him on some of the future bottles from Rogue (at least you never know), say Hi to the regulars at Rogue if you happened to read this.

The place is huge at earls coart but in the same time it is really needed and make the place quite pleasant, simply because there is always enough place and you can actually sit down at a table and sample your beers. This is very good and very different compared to Stockholm Beer where the place is overcrowded from day one and all time.

So in this way this is the best way to drink beers, fix a table and drink in a slow phase and in a organized way. Plus I have to mention the food, simply great, from cheese platters to great indian stuff. That is simply something else if you compare it to smaller festival in England where the offer is sausages, sausages and mash.

So with Maria and her new very nice cap from Camra we say good bye to GBBF, see you again in a couple of years!

Ps, so how about the winner?, the Hobson Mild, well I really like my Milds, and this was no exception, it was simply great, but I guess that has already been mentioned by everyone else being at the GBBF.

For those who missed it, the winner list looked like below;

Supreme Champion

Gold Hobsons Mild

Silver Mighty Oak Maldon Gold
Bronze Green Jack Ripper

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