Popular beer blogs?

A little experiment has been conducted over at the "My Beer Pix" blog, where they have calculated the most popular beer blogs, with a combination of technorati, bloglines and google page ranking and a few other tweaks.

Do not have any intention to be on this list, simply because my list is about my own experiences mostly for myself.

Anyway, here is a full link to the list; The Top Beer Bloggers Revealed.

Its quite fun to see that there is really a very big mix of blogs and many of the ones that I tend to read myself.

And here is the top 5;

1. A Good Beer Blog
Technorati Authority: 144 | Bloglines 104 | Google Page Rank: 6

2. Brookston Beer Bulletin
Technorati Authority: 121 | Bloglines: 15 | Google Page Rank: 5

3. The Beer Mapping Project
Technorati Authority: 98 | Bloglines: 10 | Google Page Rank: 6

4. The Brew Site: It’s all about the beer
Technorati Authority: 73 | Bloglines: 47 | Google Page Rank: 5

5. Hop Talk
Technorati Authority: 82 | Bloglines: 8 | Google Page Rank: 4

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