US-Beer pioneers documentary released in 2008

A documentary of the american craft brewing history will finally be released during the first part of 2008.

The background of this documentary is that a filmmaker called Jay Sheveck interviewed the early pioneers of the american craft beer revolution (95-02). This was captured on 60 hours of footage with rare interviews, including brewers and other key persons like; Fritz Maytag, Jack McAuliffe, William Newman, Bert Grant, Ken Grossman, David Geary, Charlie Papazian, Jim Koch, Charles Finkle, Michael Jackson, Fred Eckhardt, James Robertson, etc.

The title of the film is "Beer Pioneers, The Craft Brewing Revolution."

The producer of this film is the Beer Guppy of Burbank, California, which has recently also produced a book about beers in southern california, called "The Beer Guppy's Guide to Southern California".

The guide is part of a new series of beer guides, focused on the west coast, so the plan is to create additional guides to San Francisco Bay (January 2009), Portland, Oregon (June 2009), Alaskan Beer Trek (June 2009) and Pacific Alehouses (TBD).

I found a good article about the new guide at the Pacific Brew News Blog, where you can read about the new guide that seems very interesting if you ever happens to travel to southern california and wants to have a great beer experience.

The book can be bought here; link.

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jay said...

Great blog Mattias. Thanks for posting my documentary! It's on track for late 2008-- (I'm still looking for more financing to finish it, though) ... we'll see. Cheers!