Sad news about Michael Jackson

Just read at the Stonch Beer Blog that Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter, has very sadly passed away, link to the article.

Feels very sad, and just remembered that it was just a couple of weeks ago during the GBBF that one of our beer friends met him during the pre tasting at the White Horse. Our friend was a bit excited that he had met him, and thought it was fun that it seemed that Michael had recognized him for earlier encounters.

He will be sadly missed by all beer and whiskey geeks, for me he was the first introduction to great beers, when I started to read some of his great books. One of the books that I have used very much is the "Great Beer Guide" which is fun to open up and get information about some new beer that you have to try. And also the amazing book about belgium beers (The Great Beers of Belgium) that has learnt me a lot about liking the beers from belgium.

Thanks for everything.

UPDATED: Seems that the whole beer blog world has a very sad day today, here is a short list of blogs informing about the todays sad news;

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UPDATED 2007-09-05
Regarding that our beer friend B met Michael during the White Horse happening before this years GBBF I found a picture that he took of Michael. Strange feeling that he was attending this years GBBF but never got the opportunity to attend this years GABF that we are planning to do. So when I read that he was planning for this years GABF you thought that maybe you could have the opportunity to at least see him. But that will never happen, so instead we have to raise a extra pint of beer to honor his name.

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