Top 15 Beers during SCXBT09 (Including location)

So how about the beers and some ranking. Here is my personal favorites during the trip between San Francisco and San Diego (including the serving location);


  1. (18.) Russian River Blind Pig (Toronado, San Fran)
  2. (113.) Deschutes Black Butte XXI (Beachwood BBQ, Seal beach)
  3. (249.) Stone IPA (Stone, 3rd visit)
  4. (203.) 30th Street Pale Ale (Green Flash Brewery)
  5. (205.) West Coast IPA (Green Flash Brewery)
  6. (151). Duck duck gooze (Lost Abbey)
  7. (247.) Russian River Temptation Blond Ale (Stone, 3rd visit)
  8. (179.) Duet (Alpine Brewery)
  9. (95.) Black Tuesday (The Bruery, Placentia)
  10. (237.) Ballast Point Even Keel American Pale Ale (BLAH, SD)
  11. (22.) Moonlight Bombay By Boat IPA (cask) (Magnolia, San Fran)
  12. (264.) Sculpin IPA (Ballast Point Brewery)
  13. (42.) Bear Republic Lindys Mild (The Bistro, Hayward)
  14. (60.) Double Jacks (Firestone Walker, Taproom)
  15. (21.) Marin Brew IPA (On Cask) (Toronado, San Fran)


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