Finally a session beer...

Sorry for being a bit slow, but finally I found a short and describing information what a Session beer is. When listening to US-brewers or reading different blogs you often see the term session beer, and often in connection to "this is not a session beer but..." or "this is a great session beer compared to...".

And now and then you wonder (as a Swede not having full control of english) what the hell is a Session beer, except that it is a "normal" beer compared to the hops monsters many of us like.

But now in the latest BA I saw it, and finally I know what it is, so now I am also with you. Anyway the short and simple description was;

"Low ABV & highly drinkable"

Do anyone argy with that?


Mattias, drinking a amazing Stone Ruination on draught at OT, which in short is not a Session beer.

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