Three US Craft Breweries that should be brought to Sweden

During the trip to California this summer a couple of breweries brought extra attention to us all. Off the many beers and breweries sampled I would like to see the following breweries making it over the ocean and land in some of the better beer bars in Stockholm (like for example “Oliver Twist”, hint hint). Maybe they have been here already, but regardless I definitely think they should come here more regularly.


1. The Bruery

Location: Placentia, California

Beers: Black Tuesday, White Oak Sap, Papier, Saison Rue, Sour in The Rye etc.

People: Patrick Rue - CEO / Founder, Michael Rue – President

Description: A newcomer (just celebrated their first year) to the quite limited brewery scene in the LA area. As the number of breweries around LA was very thin it was really a treat to find this brewery tucked away close to the border of anaheim. Patrick Rue (the founder) has Belgian relations in the family, and it seems that this has also affected his brewery influences. Most of the beers have some touch of Belgium beers and flavors all blended with different type of oak techniques (bourbon, brandy, white oak etc). The more standard beers like; Orcha White, Saison Rue, Trade Winds Triple are all good, but nothing extraordinary. But then when it comes to the more advanced and experimental beers it is a completely other story. We initially thought that the beers were ok but nothing really to talk about, then when we went for the special flight they had available we were completely knocked down bye all the flavors and aroma. I can simply say that the “Black Tuesday, a strong imperial stout (19.50% ABV!!) stored on bourbon barrels, the “White Oak” and Papier (Bourbon Barrel) were all one of the better beers I have ever tasted. Simply a amazing trio of beers that we just wanted to take with us. Unfortunately we were a bit too early and the beers are not yet available on bottle (info at the brewery told us late fall or similar).

As the brewery as many other craft breweries are being distributed by “Stone” and their distribution company I can see that it must be possibilities to get their beers in the next available container. The owner (Mr.. Rue) of the brewery is always keen on getting the beers out (even got their card to be able to set up the needed contacts), so therefore I hope we can see a “Black Tuesday”" on the other side of the Atlantic in a soon future, I will anyway be on the buying list.


2. Alpine Beer Company

Location: Alpine, California

Beers:  Duet IPA, Pure Hoppiness, Exponential Hoppiness, Nelson Rye etc.

People: Pat Mcilhenney (owner & brewer)

Description: Alpine brewery is located in the small city of Alpine outside San Diego. The brewery was started by a home brewer (Pat) as many other brewers. They actually started 1999 by sub-contracting with AleSmith Brewery in San Diego and the “McIlhenney’s Irish Red” beer. In 2002, they opened their own brewery in Alpine. They have also very recently set up the plan to build a small brewpub and a larger taste room. But when we visited they were still in the original location were everything is in the same building, including as small taste room (actually just a small bar table just in front of the brewery) were you could sample all the beers available.

SDC10728I was really surprised by the overall quality of all the beers available. They have a large number of really tasty IPA, but also the lighter beers like the Irish Red and the Alpine Ale (an APA) were all really well balanced.Then of course the two high alpha IPAs in the form of “Pure Hopiness” and “Exponential Hoppiness” were two really classic west coast IPA. I think that we maybe have seen this brewery sometime in Sweden, but regardless I would like to some of these bottles could come over, at least the 2 high alpha IPAs would travel safely and will be a big hit on the shelves at “OT” or “Akkurat”.


3. Island Brewing Company (IBC)

Location: Carpinteria, California

Beers: Jubilee Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Big Island IPA, Paradise Pale Ale etc.

People: Paul Wright (Founder) (the nice gentleman below on the left side)

Description: Located in the city of Carpinteria and have been in operation since July  2000. It was started by Paul Wright, a former submarine captain, that as many other also started out as homebrewer (received a homebrew kit for Christmas in 91) and made quite quickly a brewery name in area. After working for breweries like Marin Brewing company he then started his own business in 2000.

This is a very small family run brewery that is brewing a amazing line of hoppy and tasty brews. I especially like the Jubilee Ale, but also the Island Pale Ale. Same thing as with Alpine that I think I have seen this brewery in Stockholm (like at the Stockholm Beer Festival) once, but it is still such a great brewery that some more bottles could be consumed over here.

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