BrewDog & Stone brew together…

Seems Greg and company have been visiting BrewDog in Scotland which ended up with the birth of a new beer.

If you think about good combinations this must be a perfect match, BrewDog with their Scottish version of high alpha hoppy US IPAs, and Stone which is kind of the original Californian hoppy beer company (they have been a big influence for BrewDog when they started out).

The beers is called “bashah” and is a “black Belgian double ipa” (what ever that is now).


You can read more about the collaboration over at the Stone blog; link. I also recently linked to their blog which seems great if you want to know about what happens over at Stone, like that they have just tapped the latest vertical epic which will be out in the US on 09/09/09, lets see when it comes to Sweden.

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