MY_BEER_DIARY #3: 2009-08-21@OT


Oliver Twist (OT)”:

1. Triple FFF Alton's Pride (c)
2. Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale (can)
3. Two Brothers The Bitter End Pale Ale (b)
4. Long Trail Double Bag (b)
5. Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA (b)


Great to see that Long Trail brewery has founds its way over to Sweden and OT. We found this a very nice brewery in Vermont during our trip to New England last year. They do not do monster or master piece beers, instead its traditional styled beers with very good balance and variety. More in the English tradition compared to the more alpha hoppy variants many US brewers tend to stick with.

Also it was nice to see that OT has finally convinced the brewers that also the Pale Ale styled beers travel well, at least if you drink them early. Before the beer bottle batches from the US have almost 100% been stronger beers in ABV and high in the hoppinies, with styles like DIPA, Imperial Stouts or Barley Wines. So you sort of miss the more softer and balanced Pale Ales that you enjoy so much during the beer trips to the US. Finally it was nice to see several examples, including the Two Brothers and Sly Fox examples, instead of the monster beers we have had before from those breweries.

Then of course I could not help myself and ended the night with one of the better beers in the world, i.e. the Double Simcoe IPA from Weyerbacher, Simply amazing.


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