Bought during the latest trip to south California at Beverages 4 Less in Santee in north of San Diego.SDC11227

The Mission Brewery was not visited (do not think it is neither possible) when visiting San Diego. But it was on the list for new small exiting breweries to test. These guys are quite new in the brewery industry as they started out sometime during 2007. But after only 4 months in business they won 3 different prices at that years GABF (Great American Beer Fest), so I guess they are doing something right.  


They got a bronze medal for this IPA (category American IPA) so it seems to be a good beer for me, simply as I like the style at least.

So how about the beer?

  • It is a American IPA  in style with 6.80% ABV coming with a 66 in IBU.
  • Starts out with a quite good head during the pour, but dies out quite quick after the first sips.
  • It uses high alpha hops with cascade and centennial as the backbone and with that It smells nice with a good combination of both the hops and the quite sweet malt.
  • It has a clear taste of the hops, but it is more a small and short nice kick in the finish instead of filling up completely. In that sense it is a very balanced IPA compared to how it could have been with that high IBU and the use of the hops choice.

Simply a good American IPA and quite a good start for the brewery. Can be interesting to see if I can find more from them in the future.

But as the number of great IPAs in the San Diego area I guess it will not be on any personal top list.

A solid IPA but not as my two new favorites from the trip;

    1. Sculpin India Pale Ale from Ballast Point Brewing Company.
    2. Duet IPA from Alpine Beer Company

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