BEER SAMPLING@HOME: “Mikkeller Simcoe Single Hop IPA”

One of my current favorites when you feel for a clean crisp hoppy flavor without too much fuzz and hops blending. As Simcoe is one of my number one hops styles when it comes to a good hop blend it is a delight to be able to drink it as clean as possible.

This is of course not a beer for people that only drink a so called balanced beer. But this should not be the idea when you drink this kind of beer. Instead it should be seen as clean beer for really understanding what this particular hops does for a beer. Great that Mikkeller can provide it for you to bring home.

Simcoe Single Hop IPA is defined as a American IPA, which is quite true. It is currently brewed all year round in Belgium at Brewed at the De Proef Brouwerij.

It pours with creation of a extremely fluffy white head, it actually took me several minutes to pour it as every try almost went over the glass due to all the head created.

The smell is really hoppy with bunch of pineapple and tangerine touches.

Also the taste is really citrus and great after taste of the crisp Simcoe hops.

It is not a masterpiece and everyday type of beer or your typical IPA due to the single hop of Simcoe. But if you want to learn what Simcoe does for a beer it is great way of doing it. And of course if you do not bother about balance and being a hop head like myself it just all the hops you want.

If you do not know it the beer is one of a whole series of beers coming from Mikkeller with single hops, currently they have this one, but also Warrior and Cascade single hops are available.

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