The best 6 beers you'll never drink

I just stumpled over a short but a bit interesting article over at tampa bay!

It can be connected a bit about a entry a few days ago where I wrote about unusual and hard found beers.

That is exactly what this article is about, beers that we talk about but rarely can drink because it is almost impossible to get them. And it is quite fun that 2 of the beers from this paper in tampa bay are both from Scandinavia, one from Sweden (Kaggen) and one from Denmark (X Imperial Stout).

Seems that this reporter know his stuff, but are also a bit arrogant (maybe its ironi, I do not know, :-)), but he writes about why they are so rare is due to;

The foremost is the general public doesn't want them
They are typically obscure styles such as Flanders Red, Imperial Stout or Baltic Porter
So a Baltic Stout or a Flanders Red are "obscure" beer styles?, well its not to me, but I am maybe not seen as normal and part of the "general public" when we talk about beers, :-).

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