Stockhom Beer 2007: Missed a beer!

Just saw that we missed one of the better DIPAs at the Stockholm Beer Festival this year, and it was even a cask version.

Well you can not have them all and you could not be there every day, seems the Brooklyn Blast Pale Ale was served over at Carlsberg during the last Saturday of the festival and when Garett Oliver, brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery had a presentation, and also the toast for late Michael Jackson. If you are wondering about Carlsberg togehter with brooklyn simply it is because all brooklyn beers are distributed nowdays by Carlsberg in Sweden and Denmark.

At least I got to taste the beer last New York beer trip in May when we visited the Brooklyn brewery (served in a plastic glass).

But it feels a bit strange that we missed a hop monster when it was available on cask, :-), as a DIPA lover it feels hard that we did not even think about heading for the Carlsberg booth during the festival, probably because of all the rest of the boring beers sold over at Carlsberg.

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