QUICKTAKE: He'Brew Miraculous Jewbelation (8) (2004)

Straight from the cuvee list at Akkurat we decided to sample a beer beer from one of our favorite breweries in the US, namely Shmaltz Brewing Company (He'Brew).

So we found a HeBrew from 2004 and the 8th Jewbelation beer from this small but amazing brewery. Seems that you can store the beer but in the same time it was really time for the beer, it had started to sweeten and loosing the touch. But still you could feel that it was a genuin HeBrew.

The beer is labeled as a Amercian porter and the taste is very sweet with rich dark fruity notes and a slightly alcoholic finish. When you sipped on the beer you could get notes of everything from raisins, plum to chocolate & espresso. In the end a amazing beer that is slowly passing its best moments.

If you have missed the concept of Jewbelation it means based on the number you get the same amount of malts, hops and abvs, for example 8 malts, 8 hops and 8% ABV for this version.

Based on that you could enjoy the latest incarnation of Jewbelation this year in the form of the 11th version (amazing beer sampled at Falling Rock, Denver).

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