GBTD-07 (GABF): A tribute to the best bartender in the World

This is a simple and very short tribute to a bartender at the Falling Rock tap house in Denver. Thanks for being the coolest bartender in the world and thanks for making the beer moments at Falling Rocks during the GABF week a amazing time that we will not forget in a very long time.

Difficult to explain but we really like the Falling Rock establishment, it had everything you want in a bar. A rough place with simple rules, meaning serving the best beers in the world as fast as possible.

Sometimes it was difficult to get a beer, but when you finally learned that you got your single second of reconition with you and you succeed in knowing exactly want you want it turned out well and you got your beer in a second. Did you miss it you had to wait for the next turn, if you got one!.

It is not easy when 100 people are all screaming we want beer and you simply answer back; "What do you want?, give it to me?, What do you want?". Myself had not served a single beer with that pressure, really cool, simply outstanding.
Hope you can handle the silence now when the GABF is over and everything go to normal.

If you have never been to Falling Rock and do not know how a good bar should be, according to me, here is the shortlist of my best rough beer bars in the USA that play in the same league as the Falling Rock.

1. Barcade, Brooklyn
2. Toronado, San Fran
3. Bukowski's Tavern, Boston

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