GBTD-07 (GABF): Back from the US...

So we are all back from the US and our beer trip in Colorado. Had a great time drinking amazing beers all week, plus meating a bunch of new great people.

Unfortunately I had no time or simply too tired (dizzy) to find any inspiration to write something interesting when we came back to the hotels. I tried a couple of times, but early decided that it was better to go to sleep so that you could continue the beer journey in a controlled order the next day.

But I have a bunch of material to work on and hopefully come back to it during the next couple of weeks (seems that my work has taken all my time during the week I came back, so I have not find the time yet, :-)). For the time being here is a nice picture taken at the Great Divide gathering (people cheering; the normal beer crew, the OT gang and owner of GD on the right side).

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