More Danes in Stockholm

+ = Hygge

During next week and starting at January 29th there will be a Danish beer and food week at Bishop Arms North in Stockholm. This seems to be more of the good trend that we get more and more collaboration between our neighbohod countries regarding craft beers.

The planned beers for this events as reported by bk and c from Bishop Arms looks as follows;

On draught:

Bryghuset Braunstein: Porter, Pilsner, Amber lager & Viking IPA.

On the bottle:

Ølfabrikken: Cream Ale, Pale Ale, Rug IPA, Porter & Brown Ale.
Nørrebro: Skärgårds Porter, New York lager & Ravnsborg Red.

These beers will also be served with Danish food and especially a setup of different "Smørrebrød".


bark said...

Braunstein? I never had anything from them... Smörrebörd? We like!

Rekan said...

Ølfabrikken Porter is extremely good. :)

Mattias said...

Bark, as I remember Braunstein was attending last years Stockholm Beer, so they had there own display.

"BB" which is the normal logo on the bottles has been spotted both at different Bishop Arms and OT.

So you might have missed them maybe because it does not say "BRAUNSTEIN" on the bottle.

Knut Albert said...

Make sure you get the Ølfabrikken beers, as they will soon be gone.