Some sad news I missed from NY

When I was planning today for our spring New York beer trip (yes it became NY this time) and was checking for the better bars close to the hotel I stumpled over some really sad and disturbing news.

One of my favorite NY-draft-beer-bars in central manhattan is no more.

What I am talking about is the "The Collins Bar", on 8th Avenue, just a single block west of Times Square has been closed down.

This happened in the end of July 07 simply because the whole block has been sold by the landlord and the building will be torned down. The plan seems to be building condos or similar.

This is really upsetting, it was simply a great place and a natural spot to start your NY-adventures in central manhattan.

So what should we do now?, where should we go when Collins is no more?

Anyway it has been a joy to be able to spend some great US draft beer hours at this place. And it feels fine that we at least had the chance to spend a last time when we visited NY last May.

It was also fun that the first time you just happened to stumple over the place as the first bar found just a few hours after arriving in NY and discovering that we had a amazing place just minutes from our hotel across the street.

The Gotham Imbiber reports at the blog that they had a farewell party at the end of July. Seems that they had a great time and closed with pride.

Lets see if they have the chance in a distant future to start up a similar place somewhere else in NY, at least the new spot for Blind Tiger turned out very well (talking about places being closed down and moved simply because they could not stay and instead replaced with a other Starbucks!).

So I am raising my glass a last time for this great place; rest in peace.


maeib said...

It's a big regret of mine that I walked into Manhattan while I was there, giving my wife a short breather back at the hotel, and passed Collins Bar without going in.

Obviously I will never get that chance again.

Mattias said...

No maeib, you will never get the chance to experience Collins anymore.

Collins is a very good example regarding that you should always try out things, without knowing the result.

Really this was just the first bar we went to when we got to NY a late afternoon in 2005. And to experience such a great bar in central NY is lyke finding Wenlocks Arms just a block from picadilly circus.