OB Ten FIDY in Denmark

Just saw that Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout is currently available over at Ølbutikken in Copenhagen. That is really good news for the Danes and for us up here in Scandinavia. So now I understand where the OB Ten FIDY maybe came from when it was spotted over at Akkurat today, at least that is my theory.

From the site it says;

Navn: Ten FIDY
Bryggeri: Oskar Blues Land: USA Øltype: Stout
Indhold: 330 ml Alkohol: 9,4 % Pris: 52 kr

Well 52 kr for this amazing beer, that is really a bargain. Imperial Stout pouring as motor oil in a can, great stuff!!.

For learning some Danish, it seems that "Dåseøl" means a beer on a can (burköl in Swedish).

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