Nøgne Ø hits Hollywood...

I could not stop myself, but it is always fun to see your favorite Scandinavian beers and breweries out there in the "real world".

So here is a picture that I got through Hair of the Dog Dave blog and from a beer shop in Los Angeles (Vendome Toluca Lake, 10600 Riverside Dr North Hollywood,CA, if you interested)

So Portland, Hollywood etc, what can be be next?, for this great brewery from Norway.

If you do not spot the bottle, it is the bottle with the green circle (it is the Winter Ale), third bottle from the left.

Here is the same beer from a other shop in California, next together with a Mikkeller.

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Dave said...

Hello Mattias. Just found your link to my site, and I think you might have missed the best Mikkeller picture!


As far as Scandinavian beers go, we are just starting to see Nogne-O and Olfabrikken around town. Pretty soon we might even have Nils Oscar!